GSA Professional Services Schedule

Green Cell Consulting currently holds a GSA Professional Services Schedule (Schedule 00CORP), which allows Federal agencies to procure a wide variety of professional services using a single schedule contract.

To view Green Cell’s GSA schedule, which includes our GSA rates and labor descriptions, click this link.

Ordering GSA Services

GSA’s streamlined ordering procedures have reduced the government procurement process to a few simple steps. While GSA Federal Supply Service has already determined Green Cell Consulting’s rates to be fair and reasonable, ordering offices must determine that the total price is reasonable for the specific tasks required by the agency. After identifying a need for information technology or engineering services and determining that the required services are within the scope of these schedules, the ordering activity shall:

Prepare a Statement of Work (SOW) describing the agency’s procurement requirements, including the following information:

  • Deliverable Schedule
  • Applicable Performance Standards
  • Any Special Requirements (e.g., security clearances, travel, special knowledge)

To the maximum extent practicable, agency requirements shall be performance-based statements.

Transmit the SOW by means of a Request for Quotation (RFQ) to at least three schedule contractors that offer services that will meet the agency’s needs. As part of the RFQ, the agency shall state the evaluation criteria that will be used to award the order. As part of the RFP, the agency should also request that offerors submit firm-fixed prices to perform the services identified in the SOW.

Evaluate all responses received using the evaluation criteria identified in the RFQ and place the order with the schedule contractor representing the best value.

For orders exceeding the maximum order threshold (the maximum order threshold is set forth in the schedule contractors price list), solicit additional competition by transmitting the RFQ and SOW to at least one additional schedule contractor.

After the award, provide notification to unsuccessful offerors and, if requested by unsuccessful offerors, provide a brief explanation of the basis for the award decision.

The Task Order is issued directly from the requesting ordering activity’s contracting office to the selected contractor. All Task Order reporting requirements and remission of fees to GSA are the responsibility of the contractor.

The establishment of Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs) for recurring services is permitted under these contracts. The potential volume of orders under BPAs, regardless of the size of individual orders, may offer the ordering office the opportunity to secure volume discounts. When establishing BPAs, the ordering activity should inform contractors in the RFQ (based on the agency’s requirement) if a single BPA or multiple BPAs will be established and indicate the basis that will be used for selecting the contractors to be awarded the BPA(s).

Section 508

When applicable, Training and Education services developed by or provided by Green Cell Consulting in this contract will comply with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1998. For more information, please contact [email protected]

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