About Us

Vision and Mission

Our vision is to support our clients with extraordinary purpose-driven individuals to deliver industry-leading services that create value for our stakeholders, enabling them to succeed in dynamic and uncertain environments. This vision aligns with our mission of providing superior learning services focused on achieving customers’ desired outcomes in an environment that fosters creativity and innovation, delivered by a team of talented and committed individuals.

Core Values


Trust is our company’s most valuable asset. We are committed to integrity, fairness, and respect.


Service is at the heart of our character. Driven by our purpose, spirit, and teamwork, we tenaciously serve our clients, employees, and partners.


Value is delivered through the synergy of our talents, skills, and experiences, inspiring one another to accomplish personal and organizational objectives.


We provide a host of professional learning services tailored to meet our client’s specific needs.  These services include the following:

Learning (Education and Training) Consulting
  • In support of:
    • Developing innovative instructors and trainers who deliver world-class instruction centered on critical thinking skills.
    • Developing training and exercise programs focused on training standards that support individual and team/unit readiness.
    • Designing customized training and exercise support packages and mobile training teams.
    • Implementing a full-spectrum, learner-centered approach to training and education includes curriculum development, classroom management (lecture, demonstration, and practical application), modeling and simulation, exercise development, evaluation, and lessons learned.
Training Administration Consulting
  • In support of:
    • Managing training information and learning management systems (MCTIMS & Moodle)
    • Developing exercises and scenarios to support training
    • Developing and facilitating tabletop and computer-based wargames
    • Facilitating simulations and systems administration (DVTE)
    • Training analysis and reporting
    • Scheduling and tracking usage of training venues and equipment
Training Program Management Consulting
  • In support of:
    • Advising program/project management, operations management, planning, and quality management based on well-established quality principles.
    • Analyzing training programs – qualitative and quantitative analysis.
    • Providing communications support – writing, editing, and producing technical documentation, doctrine, and publications.

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