Green Cell Consulting, LLC

What is a Green Cell?

In the Marine Corps, a “Green Cell” consists of individuals with a diversity of backgrounds, educations, and experiences that characterize civil stakeholders and their perspectives in order to educate military planners on the communities that exist within an area of operations.

Training, education, and continuous learning are critical to success in any endeavor and help us understand ourselves and the operating environment. We formed Green Cell Consulting to capitalize on the experience and expertise of former and retired military educators, trainers, and advisors with a passion for mentoring and coaching.

Our Vision is to support our clients with extraordinary purpose-driven individuals to deliver industry-leading services that create value for our stakeholders, enabling them to succeed in dynamic and uncertain environments. 

We provide a full spectrum of learning services in “every clime and place.” By leveraging the art and science of learning, innovative technologies, and customized learning environments, we simulate the changing operational environment to tailor learning and provide constructive feedback. Our own passion for learning enables our team to thrive in a culture of teamwork, co-innovation, integrity, and customer-focused quality that rewards and shapes our core values.

Green Cell Consulting Infogram